Gulfstream – An American success story
19 Oct 2018

At the end of the Second World War, Roy Grumman, co-founder of Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, envisioned for the first time the development of a business aircraft, different from the robust models used during the War, in […]

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28 Jun 2018

Quality and craftsmanship From the moment you board the Gulfstream G550, the cabin enchants. Everywhere you look, everything you touch, you find craftsmanship and attention to detail. The gleam of the finishes on the ledges and tables. […]

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Rhapsody Magazine
11 Jan 2018

Rhapsody – The Luxury Standard Magazine – the latest edition was dedicated to innovation in luxury industry; fashion, travel, private jets, events The new edition of the travel & lifestyle magazine Rhapsody – The Luxury Standard. This […]

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Luxury meets Luxury – a party dedicated to the latest innovations in the luxury industry
15 Dec 2017

Luxury meets Luxury – this was the essence of the party organized by Idea Events, Private Luxury Group’ events division, on the 12th of December. In the glamorous decor of the historical villa Oromolu – Qreator by […]

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Emirates Executive now provides top-class private jet service
18 Aug 2017

Emirates has launched its own private jet service, and it is receiving rave reviews from travel experts. The Dubai-based carrier’s private jet is being described as a “flying hotel.” The company’s reconfigured Airbus A319 has impressive interior […]

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Renewable Fuel Gets Green Light
2 Aug 2017

Gulfstream’s use of green energy for daily flight operations is a significant step toward a more sustainable future. With every takeoff of a Field and Airborne Support Teams jet, or a demonstrator or test aircraft from Gulfstream’s Savannah, […]

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The new Falcon 8x is now clear for take off
21 Jul 2017

The Falcon 8X is the latest innovation for Dassault. More range, more space, increased comfort and, as usual, the highest level of attention to details. The company’s newest flagship has the longest cabin in the Falcon family, […]

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Mulsanne Speed launches in Bucharest
12 Apr 2017

Private Jets Europe was the proud partner of the Mulsanne Speed launching event in Bucharest. Designed as an exquisite brunch, the event featured live saxophone music, delicate canapes and a presentation of the latest Mulsanne Speed, the […]

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NetJets prezintă Phenom 300 pentru prima oară în România
21 Apr 2016

Phenom 300, cea mai ușoară aeronavă Embraer și cea mai solicitată în interes de business, a ajuns în noiembrie 2015 pe aeroportul Aurel Vlaicu din București. Toți cei interesați au putut să admire avionul în cadrul evenimentului […]

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Gulfstream 280 paid a visit to Bucharest
21 Apr 2016

  În decembrie 2015, Gulfstream a fost gazda unui eveniment premium în cadrul aeroportului Aurel Vlaicu, Băneasa, acolo unde au prezentat noul Gulfstream 280. În prezența Dr. János Hárskuti, Head of Central and Southeast Europe și a […]

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