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The third instalment of the ‘Models of the Marque’ series celebrates the Rolls-Royce 20 H.P. – the ‘Twenty’. Launched in 1922, this transformative motor car was the first Rolls-Royce expressly designed for owner-driven motoring.

  • A brief history of the Rolls-Royce 20 H.P. – known as the ‘Twenty’ – launched in 1922
  • A transformative motor car for the marque, it was the first Rolls-Royce ever designed expressly to be owner-driven rather than chauffeured
  • Third in a series celebrating landmark models from each decade of the marque’s history, from its foundational years in the 1900s to the contemporary Goodwood era
  • Year-long retrospective marks the 120th anniversary of the first meeting between Henry Royce and The Hon. Charles Stewart Rolls in 1904

“The legendary 20 H.P., known simply as the ‘Twenty’, was launched on 6 October 1922. Designed by Henry Royce, it ranks among the most important and transformational models ever produced by the marque. Its technology was highly advanced for the time and set the mechanical template for generations of Rolls-Royce motor cars that followed it. Smaller, lighter and less complex than its predecessors, it was also the first Rolls-Royce specifically intended for owners to drive themselves, rather than chauffeured use, reflecting the changed world in which Rolls-Royce found itself operating after 1918. More than a century later, its influence can still be seen in contemporary automotive engineering and design, including the models we build at Goodwood today – a remarkable motor car with an extraordinary legacy.”
Andrew Ball, Head of Corporate Relations and Heritage, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Even before the Armistice was signed in 1918, Henry Royce was preparing for what he knew would be a very different post-war world. He reasoned that, given the likely difficulty of recruiting, retaining or affording a mechanic or chauffeur as they had done previously, some customers would no longer be able or willing to run the marque’s most popular pre-1914 model, the 40/50 H.P. ‘Silver Ghost’. He needed to create a motor car that was simpler to maintain – and, even more importantly, that the owner could more easily drive themselves. At the same time, Royce knew these discerning clients would expect and accept nothing less than the Rolls-Royce standards of excellence they were accustomed to – and neither would he.

On 6 October 1922, Rolls-Royce unveiled its new ‘small horsepower’ motor car, the 20 H.P., the first Rolls-Royce ever designed expressly to be owner-driven rather than chauffeured. It was immediately obvious that the ‘Twenty’, as it quickly became known, represented a huge technical leap forward. Its straight-six cylinder, 3.1-litre engine was less than half the size of the Silver Ghost’s 7.5-litre unit: however, the new model also weighed around 30% less. This meant the performance gap between them was far less than the raw numbers might suggest. Indeed, with its light controls and more advanced steering, braking and suspension systems, the ‘Twenty’ made the Silver Ghost seem rather outdated, although the larger model remained significantly ahead of its direct competitors.

The ‘Twenty’ quickly became a firm favourite both with established Rolls-Royce owners and those new customers for whom, as Royce had predicted, purchase price and ongoing running costs were more important considerations than they had been a few years earlier.

In letters to the motoring press, one happy owner praised it as ‘a charming piece of mechanism’ while another declared, ‘I have never handled anything as sweet-running’. A company advertisement quoted an expert assessment of the car as ‘everything a motorist can want… motoring with a high degree of refinement and its simplicity of construction will delight the driver’. After taking delivery of his car, a contented customer wrote to the company from his home in France declaring: ‘I drove my 20 H.P. here from Liverpool and am very satisfied with the running of the engine, not having to change gear between Liverpool and Versailles’.

Like all Rolls-Royce models of the era, the ‘Twenty’ was produced as a ‘rolling chassis’, on which owners commissioned bespoke bodywork from an independent coachbuilder. Royce had always intended that it should primarily be an owner-driver car and hoped coachbuilders and customers alike would embrace this by keeping their creations as svelte and lightweight as possible.

However, he was unable to change the habits of a lifetime among some customers. Many owners persisted in specifying their preferred style of solid, formal coachwork that was both heavier and produced greater wind resistance. To Royce’s understandable irritation, these massive, overbuilt bodies inevitably compromised performance.

Ever the pragmatist, Royce knew there was only one way to improve the weight-to-performance ratio. In 1929, the ‘Twenty’ was replaced by the 20/25 H.P., powered by an enlarged capacity engine, followed in 1935 by the 25/30 H.P. with a 4.25-litre powerplant. The ‘small horsepower’ era finally came to an end with the Wraith of 1938. These later iterations, all direct developments of the ‘Twenty’, add further lustre to its record and reputation.

The ‘Twenty’ had a profound influence on Rolls-Royce long after production ceased in 1929, by which time no fewer than 2,940 examples had been built. In particular, the straight six-cylinder engine – with detachable cylinder head and overhead valves – would provide the template for Rolls-Royce engines for years to come. Open the bonnet of any six-cylinder Rolls-Royce right up to the Silver Cloud model (1955-9) and their shared heritage is clear to see, albeit with many internal improvements. And when the by-then venerable Silver Ghost was replaced with the new Phantom in 1925, its engine also adopted the essential ‘Twenty’ pattern.


Guide to the 10 Best Romantic Getaways around the world

Guide to the 10 Best Romantic Getaways around the world, by Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Luxury Lifestyle Awards knows how to select the best luxury brands in different industries around the world. In honour of the month of love, we are thrilled to bring you our Guide to the 10 Best Romantic Getaways around the world! Celebrating love on a whole new level we have selected the World’s finest for a romantic experience of a lifetime.

Constance Lemuria – Seychelles

Many different places are suitable for the year-round celebration of the month of love, and Constance Lemuria is one of them. Here you and your partner can experience an everyday celebration of love and romantic perfection. Start the day by indulging in fine food. Take time to unwind in a coastal paradise nestled among the empty white sandy beaches, lush flora, and fauna. Treat yourself and your partner to a customized spa treatment to revive your senses. Constance Lemuria also offers a Kids Club, run by fully trained coordinators that will lead your children to wonderful island exploration trips, culinary activities, scavenger hunts, and more, to give couples with little ones, a much-needed break for some one one-on-one time.

The Hanging Gardens of Bali – Indonesia

The picturesque Hanging Gardens of Bali always provide you with an ambiance of relaxation and calmness. This is one of the best and most memorable getaways with a loved one. The luxurious Bali villa resort is located in the heart of the Bali jungle, North of Ubud, Payangan. The stunning views of the Ayung River and Dalem Segara temple are surrounded by lush rainforests and picturesque rice terraces creating a special location. This destination is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, holding the title of the “World’s First Seven Stars Boutique Hotel” and is one of the best Bali honeymoon resorts.

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TOP 100 Hotels & Resorts 2022

Best of the Best in Hospitality Industry in the TOP 100 Hotels & Resorts

Luxury Lifestyle Awards Reveals the Best of the Best in Hospitality Industry in the TOP 100 Hotels & Resorts

TOP 100 Hotels & Resorts

In all the diversity of hotels and destinations, quality and exclusivity have become cornerstones. Quality recreation is something that successful people are not willing to compromise on.

The strict criteria that Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts apply during market research and evaluation of nominees meet the highest standards and expectations of travellers. The LLA team has prepared a list of the top 100 establishments that will bring the most positive emotions to sophisticated vacationers.

The pandemic events of recent years have made humanity appreciate in a special way the opportunity to travel and discover the world in all its diversity and beauty.

In the TOP 100 Hotels & Resorts, you will find establishments that have convincingly demonstrated their commitment to impeccable service and attention to guest needs.

Check out the TOP 100 Hotels & Resorts by Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Discover the world at its best with the leaders in the hospitality market: https://luxurylifestyleawards.com/news/luxury-lifestyle-awards-reveals-the-best-of-the-best-in-hospitality-industry-in-the-top-100-hotels-resorts

Private Jets Europe

Mountain Hub Gourmet, a sublime food experience

Mountain Hub Gourmeta Michelin-starred restaurant, is the new Fine Dining Restaurant of the Hilton Munich Airport. Reopened in September 2021, is set against the majestic backdrop of the Alps, right next to Munich Airport. The restaurant’s 33-year-old chef, Stefan Barnhusen has been head chef at Mountain Hub Gourmet since September 2020. He previously worked in the Michelin one-starred Jellyfish restaurant in Hamburg, and at Seehotel Überfahrt on Lake Tegernsee under the three-star chef Christian Jürgens.

The restaurant itself is spacious and boasts a stylish, modern design with an unusual semi-circular floor plan. It’s everything that you would expect it to be, and more, with an attentive and helpful service team, headed up by maître d’ Johannes J. Gahberger. Service-driven they aim to inspire while staying true to their ethos of generous hospitality.

A sophisticated world-class establishment, of the highest excellence, that celebrates the diversity of its guests by offering a sublime food experience. Intended for those with an appreciation for the exceptional, Mountain Hub Gourmet caters to international visitors and locals alike, whether it’s for a business lunch between flights or dinner and an evening of romance.

Using only the best ingredients and fresh, seasonal produce from the area, together with his refined ability, the food is meticulously and magically transformed by a passion to another level. Not only a symphony of flavours but a feast for the eye, each dish is beautifully and playfully presented with the utmost precision and extravagant artistic flair, perfectly balanced by colour, texture, and attention to detail.


Sofitel Baru Calablanca Beach Resort – Celebrated for Colombia’s First Luxury Resort

Sofitel Baru Calablanca Beach Resort – Celebrated for Colombia’s First Luxury Resort

Sofitel Baru Calablanca Beach Resort is Colombia’s first luxury resort and is set on the idyllic white sandy beaches of Isla, Barú. The highly anticipated resort opened its doors on December 1st, 2021.

The new hotel is the third Sofitel in Colombia and the country’s first-ever opulent beach destination. The picturesque property sophisticatedly combines Sofitel’s French heritage with the essence of the Caribbean.

Located just 25 minutes from the city of Cartagena, the resort is nestled amid the natural beauty and cultural affluence of Barú. The hotel features an impressive 187 modern and chic rooms, including a presidential suite and 22 luxurious suites, all equipped with terraces and balconies facing the tranquil and turquoise Caribbean Ocean.

This hidden gem of a resort has been awarded by the experts at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury New Resort in South America 2022, and it’s easy to see why. It features four restaurants, seven bars, and a food truck all under the culinary direction of Patrice Guaus, the world-renowned French chef. These include Calablanca Restaurant and bar, which is a combination of divine Mediterranean and Colombian cuisines, prepared with farm-to-table ingredients and ancestral techniques, Bahía Restaurant & bar overlooking the magic waters of the Caribbean, our unique slow-cooking grill offers mouthwatering dishes that will be perfectly coupled with local cocktails, Humo Restaurant offers dinner-only featuring a robata grill concept inspired by Asian fare.

Guests can enjoy cocktails throughout several social spaces around the resort. La Pergola rooftop terrace is the perfect space to watch Barú’s magical sunsets and our new gastronomic proposal on wheels El Manglito Food truck that is a fun and innovative way to serve guests and visitors who are enjoying the beautiful beaches of Barú.


A wide-body superyacht with Raised Pilot House (RPH) and the possibility of adding a third level for an additional sundeck

– Superior construction technology, with a pure carbon fiber superstructure, a D2P hull with wave piercer, and reduced noise and vibration

– Side garage for tender and jet ski

– Two big beach clubs in the stern and bow

– An owner’s suite with the largest extending terrace on the market

– Uniquely styled interiors designed by Achille Salvagni

– Exterior design by Stefano Righini

The Azimut Grande 35 Metri is the new flagship in Azimut Yachts’ most exclusive line, the Grande Collection. Drawing on Azimut carbon fiber technology and the expertise of Stefano Righini, who defined the concept and designed the exteriors, the yacht offers unprecedented solutions for a boat this size, representing a masterpiece of style and space.

The yacht has a Wide Body with Raised Pilot House (RPH) and supremely sleek exteriors, featuring exceptionally sized full-height windows in both the bow and salon. Unique in this category is the option to add an additional sundeck (almost 30 m2) on a third level, with access from the upper deck in the stern. This solution doesn’t affect the balance of volumes and retains the model’s overall dynamism.

The Azimut Grande 35 Metri delivers the best build quality in its category. The entire superstructure and hardtop are made from pure carbon fiber, which Azimut uses with great success to increase the volume of the structures, and so to offer more space and comfort, but without adding weight to the boat. Epoxy, the non plus ultra of resins, is used alongside the carbon because it has superior mechanical characteristics to the resins normally used.


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Luxury meets Luxury – a party dedicated to the latest innovations in the luxury industry

Luxury meets Luxury – this was the essence of the party organized by Idea Events, Private Luxury Group’ events division, on the 12th of December. In the glamorous decor of the historical villa Oromolu – Qreator by IQOS, the guests were welcomed by renowned travel & lifestyle brands, such as Gulfstream, Tudor. Personal Tailor, Simona Semen of Private Luxury Travel and had the chance to spend a quality evening, sprinkled with Luc Belaire’s sparkling wine.

The event also marked the launch of the new edition of the travel & lifestyle magazine Rhapsody – The Luxury Standard. This number celebrates innovation in luxury and brings forward brands and destinations that put excellence in the core of their business.

Gulfstream, one of the main luxury aircraft producer in the world, is such an example, whose presence was enjoyed at the event. The model of the latest G650 aircraft and the exclusive images from the inside of the aircraft introduced the guests into the atmosphere of a luxury trip. The new aircraft sets a high standard in the business travel industry and achieves notable performance in terms of engineering, functionality, precision and comfort.

The picture of a perfect trip was completed by Private Luxury Travel, which offers  concierge services, through its VIP Travel Club – Rhapsody. The cards grant access to VIP lounges in the airport and other exclusive venues in the world, facilitate flight and boarding procedures and provide a complete meet & assist package throughout a trip.

The guests were also delighted with two fashion presentations, first of them bearing the signature of the Romanian designer Simona Semen and the second one, signed by Tudor. Personal Tailor. In discreet shades of grey, peach or pale pink, Simona Semen’s creations have outlined a romantic image, through delicacy and femininity, simple lines and fluid materials. Tudor. Personal Tailor’ creations brought a touch of extra elegance and masculinity through British inspired costumes and the highest attention to details.

The event was organized with the support of our partners: Gulfstream, Private Luxury Travel, Private Jets Europe, Luc Belaire, Qreator by IQOS and Leonidas.